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Do you work with young people in your organization or in a project? Are your members interested in expressing themselves on a common digital platform?   Congratulations!  We have a perfect match! With Mobile Stories tool, the content producers are guided through the publishing process. In this way you can let your members contribute to your communication, but still be in control by letting an editor in your organization approve all content before it is can be published. Organizations or projects get their own publishing site. In addition, users get to publish themselves on the page Sweden, and be part of a nationwide movement of user generated content. 

Democracy ambassadors in Värmdö Municipality

You can find stories from ambassadors from Värmdö at the site ”Young in Värmdö”: Ung i Värmdö.

Book Fair 2018+2019

A pop-up newsroom was built at the Book Fair in Fall of 2018+2019. You can see the result at the project site ”Youth at the Book Fair”: Ung på Bokmassan


Workshops in Fisksätra library

”We want young people to acquire knowledge and in the long run make way for more people to express themselves in different ways. Knowledge about how to find information and how to assess it is required in today’s media landscape, as well as how and where different kinds of information are published, to differentiate between news and opinion.” 

Project manager Joanna Ekström and Library Manager Jenny Poncin



”It has been extremely empowering for our young people to learn to write about news that reflects their image of society and their area.”

Kassim Nagwere Verksamhetschef , Drömstort förening



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