The stories are out there

are you The NEXT pilot?

Do you want your co-workers/members to communicate your values in a professional and genuine way? The potential of our publishing tool is far from fully explored. Most of us are publicists in social networks, but few have sufficient knowledge about copyright, freedom of expression, source criticism and ethical rules for the publications to be used professionally. 

Content used to inform or engage is usually created by communicators or PR consultants, who are distant from where things are happening in the organization. By linking our tool directly to an organization’s own platforms, that already have a graphical profile and designed for published content, our tool becomes available to a significantly larger audience. Users are educated in publishing content in small simple steps during production, giving them a ”learning by doing”  experience. The ”editorial filters” in our tool, with peer review, check questions and the editors approval, makes sure that the outcome is credible, ambitious and in line with publicity laws, ethical rules and core values of your organization  Raising genuine stories and catching up on what’s going on among members/co-workers brings a significant value to the organization. Understanding and empathy grows together between and over departments, groups and individual borders.  All are included, engaged and sharing, resulting in members/co-workers who never stop developing and learning from each other. 

Is your organization ready to take the next step when it comes to finding stories among members or employees? We are currently looking for a pilot organization that is interested in developing our innovation together with us. Send us a message!




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