Lotta Bergseth and Jenny Sköld, founders of Mobile Stories.     Foto: Andrea Forssberg

Who we are

Lotta Bergseth, CEO, Founder, Owner, Photojournalist and Editor, with 20 years of experience from newspapers to image agencies. Dedicated to helping young people to develop their imagery and give them tools to make their voices heard.  MS role: CEO, Product Manager.

Jenny Sköld, Founder, Owner. Journalist,  with 18 years experience from some of Sweden’s largest newsrooms. Passionate about providing young people with a voice and sharing journalistic methods of source review.  MS role: Chairman of the Board, Editor-in-Chief.

Johan Glimskog, is a full-stack Developer, Solution Architect and Project Manager.  He has been developing solutions and web apps since 1996, using C, PHP and JavaScript. He is experienced in large-scale application architecture as well as with web app performance and scaling. MS role: Consultant.

What we do

Mobile Stories provides an educating publishing tool and a media platform for high quality user generated content. The platform is used in schools to train students, and their teachers, in media and information literacy.  With Mobile Stories, students in secondary and high school, create and publish their school work on a media platform where they can reach an audience beyond classroom walls. Mobile Stories empowers young people with 21 Century skills and supports them to engage in public discourse.

The tool and platform is so versatile, it can also be used in various types of projects or workshops for young people (under 25), for example at libraries or in NGOs. We have been asked to develop versions where organizations can integrate our tool into their existing design and platforms, and are currently looking for funding for this particular developments’ requirements.

The Founders of Mobile Stories are always available for other ventures, such as public speaking, think tanks – as well as  workshops for students, teachers or school management,  to inspire and find new ways of strengthening communication skills and media and information literacy in schools or youth organizations.


Mobile Stories
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Mobile Stories
c/o Internetstiftelsen i Sverige
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