Mobile Stories in school

We strongly believe that you learn best by doing. Therefore, Mobile Stories offers a publishing tool that educates young people in media and information literacy while producing their school work in the form of different types of articles. Through our media platform students can reach an audience for their school work beyond classroom walls. 

This text in Swedish here. Download our handbook about MIL in school for free here! (only in Swedish)


In the Summer of 2017, the government of Sweden decided that schools should take greater responsibility for children’s and young people’s knowledge of media and information literacy. The background of the digitization, that over the last few years has redesigned the entire media landscape, has made this a necessity. This brings completely new social challenges in terms of democracy and source criticism. In order to make well-founded decisions as citizens and consumers, we need to be able to distinguish knowledge from rumors, but also be able to understand how to use text, image and video to highlight a certain perspective.

We, the Founders of Mobile Stories, have had long history of journalistic experience. The source-critical thinking, knowledge of copyright and press ethics is crucial in our profession. With our tools of media platform and the teacher’s guide, we want to share these skills and knowledge with you and your students. 

Our belief is that the most effective way to learn is to take responsibility for one’s publications and sharing, is to produce for a real recipient. Therefore, we give each school the opportunity to create its own digital school channel that is linked to other member schools. The published articles can not only be shared with friends in social media, but can also reach students in other schools,  as well as parents and politicians! The school channel also becomes a showroom for the school’s activities, through the students’ own work.

Mobile Stories is ideal for schools that want to work interdisciplinary. The method can be used not only in language studies and social sciences, but in virtually all subjects. During the course, the subject knowledge is deepened and the students gain practical experience of how society works. By contacting experts, gathering facts and investigating, the motivation to inform others is strengthened. The articles also become a way for the adult world and society to take part in the reality of today’s youth.

We want Mobile Stories to contribute to a livelier and healthier social debate in and between classrooms around Sweden, where different perspectives can be met, where students reconsider and sharpen their arguments outside their own social network. It is not only desirable but crucial for a sustainable democracy.

Read published articles on our media platform Mobilestories.se

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