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”Being able to publish on the internet comes with a great responsibility.  At a time when everyone is a ’publisher’, we all need to acquire some of the skills and knowledge of professional journalists. Mobile Stories provide an innovative publishing tool that helps students, colleagues or members of an organization alike; to create, publish and share credible content. With the production tool users are carefully guided through the creation of different kinds of media, and then through the publication process, with small instrumental help on text, check questions on copyright, press standards, source criticism, laws and fair online behaviour. The articles need to be pushed forward through several ‘editorial filters’ such as peer review and editors´ approval, before they are published. Your credible and professional content is then ready to fly.”


Jenny Sköld and Lotta Bergseth, social entrepreneurs and journalists


Mobile Stories offers a publishing tool that educates young people in media and information literacy while producing their school work in the form of different types of articles.


Do you work with young people in your organisation or in a project? Are your members interested in expressing themselves? Congratulations – we have a perfect match!


Is your organization ready to take the next step when it comes to finding stories among members or employees? We are currently looking for a pilot organization that is interested in developing our innovation together with us.

Media and information literacy isn’t intuitive for any of us. It is something we all need to practice.

Co-creating content is an effective and engaging way to work for schools, organizations and companies for lifelong learning

Co-created articles



Mobile Stories provides a unique and scalable edtech solution for safer, smarter and more professional publications. With the ”digital editorial filter”, users are guided through the publishing process by experts and simultaneously train their storytelling skills. The journalists Jenny Sköld and Lotta Bergseth have, in cooperation with the solution architect Johan Glimskog, designed a tool that can revolutionize learning within media, information literacy and source criticism – for a sustainable democracy.

Our handbook

Download our Manual on Media and Information Literacy for free. 

In order to provide our tool and methodology in a context, as well as offering theoretical support, and to thus meet the new writing in the governing documents in the field of media and information skills; we have written a handbook, Source Criticism in Practice that provides all you need to know. Based on our experience in Photo-Journalism and Pedagogy, we reflect on the ever changing media landscape and highlight the tools and skills needed to navigate in this complex landscape.

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Change Leaders!

The Mobile Stories team are now Change Leaders in the incubator of Reach for Change.
Reach for Change supports local social entrepreneurs who has a solution that improves the life of children and youth. 


The teacher Wiltrud Daniels appointed as "The Inspiration of the Year"

How do large companies work with sustainability? What is the significance of #metoo for the view of sexual harassment? There are no simple questions the students at Sundsvall’s high school take on together with their teacher Wiltrud Daniels. Now, Daniel’s Mobile Stories Award is awarded this year’s inspiration for 2018.


Mobile Stories in Reach for Change Final Round

On January 30, we find out if Mobile Stories is one of three innovations that have been designated as part of Reach for Changes incubator.


They are writing about Female role models.

 In a workshop with young in Lottakåren Mobile Stories educated members to write professionally about female role models. 

– I have previously had problems writing texts but now I have got tools that I need to easily write a text step by step, says Isabelle, one of the young participants in the workshop.

– The teachers should use this as a tool at school, everyone should use and learn Mobile Stories sometime because it was so logical,” says Maja.

– Now you can understand articles in the newspapers for real because you have an understanding of the structure of the articles, Matilda says.

We are looking forward to fantastic articles from Lottakåren.


In the Västra Götaland region, UNESCO shall host the Global MIL Conference.

Västra Götaland region hosts UNESCO’s global MIK conference. Mobile Stories will of course be there. Read more here.


Integration project in Nacka

”Curiosity is bubbling within me and I am happy to think of all new meetings my classmates and I have in front of us.”

Majken Andersson, Nacka upper secondary school

During the autumn 2018, a project was implemented with the support of Nacka municipality at Nacka Upper Secondary School. Young people with different backgrounds had the opportunity to meet and interview each other, to establish new contacts across the classroom boundaries. Read the articles here



Bootcamp in Source Criticism with the Teachers' Union at the Book Fair in Gothenburg

Youth from two Gothenburg schools interviewed authors and participated in seminars at the Book Fair in Gothenburg, last autumn. The work resulted in articles at the project site Ung at Bokmässan. Together with the Teachers’ Union, Mobile Stories arranged panel discussions in the theme Media- and Information Literacy, while the activity was going on at the Popup editorial board in the area.


From Our Clients

”Mobile Stories is a wonderful tool that forces one to work more carefully with source criticism. It simplifies this with the peer review, because it is built into the publishing process and there is a chat for communication between the students.”

Wiltrud Daniels

Science teacher, Sundsvalls gymnasium

“For me, this has become a way to be a new kind of Swedish teacher, one who fits into this millennium.”

David Hajtowitz

Swedish teacher, Hulebäcksgymnasiet gymnasium

”Mobile Stories is a very clever publishing tool where students themselves can be publishers and journalists, practice in source criticism and write texts to real recipients. We have just started writing texts and they start already to become so very professional.”

Maria Wiman

Value-creating teacher, Skapaskolan

AwardS and honors

2019 Appointed to Change Leaders of the organization Reach for Change

2018  MIK in the Digital Age – A Democracy Issue Mobile Stories is highlighted as a Best Practice in the survey, conducted by the Swedish Media Council and associate Professor Ulla Carlsson at JMG at the University of Gothenburg, over media and information literacy in Sweden. The survey has now been handed over to the government and will now form the basis for further work, at a national level, to strengthen these abilities in society. 

2017 Mobile Stories received the award ”The Idea of the Year”, distributed by the industry organization Tidningsutgivarna.

2017 In the book 100 social innovations that can change Sweden, Mobile Stories is highlighted as one of the premier examples.. The book was published by the Social Innovation Summit.


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